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The Greatest Gold-Mine of Easy,
"Make CASH NOW in Real Estate"
Advice Ever Crammed Into a Seminar!

From: Attorney William Bronchick
Re: Your Bank Account

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question - do you want 2008 to be BETTER than last year?  Do you want to make more cash this year, pay off debt, and get rolling into more financial security? If you are serious about using real estate to create quick cash for you and your family, you must attend this seminar!

Are you a beginner with limited funds or limited experience? Think you need to qualify for financing?  Think again! Are you tired of buying properties the conventional way, qualifying for loans and renting to deadbeat tenants? Do you want to make cash right now from real estate without waiting for appreciation? Are you looking for NEW ways to profit in today's market? Do you need a game plan to jump-start your real estate business? If you answered "yes," to any of these questions, this seminar is for you!

Hi, my name is William Bronchick and I have been a practicing real estate attorney and active investor for almost 15 years.  You may have read one of my best-selling books or seen my name mentioned in prestigious publications like USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Money Magazine, Creative Real Estate Magazine, CNN-Money Online, the Wall Street Journal Online or Investors Business Daily. I've personally trained thousands of investors nationwide to become financially independent and live better lives through real estate investing.  I want you to be my next success story because I truly believe that anyone can learn to make money in real estate - regardless of their background, experience or current financial position.  On Sat, March 22, 2008, I will be in  giving an exclusive workshop that you MUST attend!

Now, some of you think that because I am an attorney it was easy for me to get involved in real estate, or that I make plenty as an attorney so I don't need my real estate income.  Both are untrue.  Most attorneys don't make a huge living.  My first job out of law school paid less than $15/hr, which barely covered my parking tickets living in NYC.  Like many people, I was looking to get out of living in debt, from paycheck to paycheck.  I tried Amway, 900 numbers, and even tried placing "tiny little ads" in the paper like that guy said on late-night television!  I was chasing the American dream, but getting nowhere fast. 

So, I began to study successful people and found that most of them made a LIVING at their job, but got wealthy through real estate.  I read some books, went to a few seminars and learned what to do, and you know what... it REALLY worked!  Within two years, I bought and flipped 18 houses using no money or credit.  I was making a whole lot more on real estate than I was at my job, so practicing law became a part-time profession, and since then real estate has brought my family the financial independence to do what we want, whenever we want.  This is what I am going to show you how to do on Saturday, March 22, 2008.

Don't Let Lack of Money Stop
You From Making Money!

When I got started, I had no money or credit, and it didn't stop me from buying houses. Some of my most successful students started off on a shoestring.  I showed them how to invest in very high quality real estate even if they had very little money or poor credit.  What you do need is desire, education, and a team of true experts backing you up.

At the seminar, you will learn how to flip properties by using ultimate leverage - OTHER people’s money! In fact, starting out on a shoestring is the BEST way to do it because it teaches you to be "lean" and creative.  People with lots of cash often do DUMB deals and lost their money, which is why I am going to show you how to do it without money EVEN IF YOU HAVE IT!  If you want to get jump started in real estate investing or take your business to the next level, you MUST attend this exclusive event.

Hello Bill, I am a mother of three, and I have a full time “JOB”. Because of our hectic schedules we were especially interested in making some cash without owning property. I would like to share my success so far. I just received my first Real Estate check for $7,117 on a flip! I want to thank you for the most valuable information regarding Real Estate Investing. Your Information is extremely valuable and is an absolute necessity for all “newbies.”

- Deb Drapeau, Colorado Springs


What About the "Bubble"?

Are you concerned about a “real estate bubble?” There is nothing to fear.  With the right strategies, you can make $500,000 or much more in a falling market.  The smartest time to buy quality real estate is when it is on sale.  At my workshop you will learn how to multiply your net worth in both rising and falling markets.  And, if you are in one of the hot markets, I'll show you how to find bargains that everyone else steps right over! 

The "bubble heads" think you can't flip in a bubble market.  WRONG!! You shouldn't buy and HOLD in a bubble market, you should buy and flip quickly so the market appreciation is not relevant.  Watch this discussion I had on CNBC about this very same topic (turn up your speakers, then highlight the video to play it). 



How to find and flip properties quickly, legally and ethically

Wholesaling vs. Retailing

Contract assignments vs. double closings

How to make money in an up or down market

How to find an unlimited supply of investors to flip houses

Understanding the flipping "hoopla" and the difference between legal and illegal flipping.

Practical tips and tricks for getting around lender "seasoning" rules

Working with (and motivating) real estate agents so they bring you all the deals you need

Over a dozen ways to find motivated sellers and qualified properties in today's hot real estate market

The new FHA regulations and how they affect the flipping business

A step-by-step understanding of the "double-closing" process - made simple!

Understanding all of the paperwork involved in real estate transactions, including deeds, mortgages, contracts, notes, and title

How to put together a team of professionals that will help you succeed

How to analyze the numbers of a profitable (and unprofitable) real estate deal

How to estimate fix-up costs on rehab properties, even if you never picked up a hammer!

How to find all the money you'll ever need - even if you have no credit or provable income

How to negotiate "win/win" deals that put CASH IN YOUR POCKET!

How to draft offers that get accepted, even when a real estate agent is involved

How to make money in foreclosure properties and government auctions

How to flip properties FAST and put immediate CASH IN YOUR POCKET

How to get started, get motivated and stay motivated in this business!

How to profit from lender short-sales

Case studies and success stories - real deals from real people that succeeded using Bronchick's powerful formulas

And this is just scratching the surface! Register Now.

"Flipped my first property, netting $6,500! No money down. No lenders. No partners. No prior real estate experience. A week or so later, bought my second and flipped for $8000! Your courses and workshops are a must have for any serious investor and definitely simple enough for anyone just starting out. Thanks, Bill for sharing the knowledge."

- Alex Aldridge, Southern California


Skeptical? I Don't Blame You!

Right now you are probably thinking "yeah, right, here's another guru promoting a seminar that's nothing but an all day sales pitch for his products..." That's quite normal. Especially if you've been to some events that promise a lot and deliver very little.

THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE EVENTS. I will be teaching real, usable information, not fluff or theory. You will walk out thinking, "Man, that was good stuff and it was so very reasonably priced."


"Flipped my first property, netting $6,500! No money down.
No lenders. No partners. No prior real estate experience. A week
or so later, bought my second and flipped for $8000! Your courses
and workshops are a must have for any serious investor and
definitely simple enough for anyone just starting out. 

- Alex Aldridge, California

"I recently spent $1700 on someone else’s 3-day workshop. I received more useful and specific information in your one-day seminar!"
-- Jim Vega, Investor, Los Angeles

"Your seminar was enjoyable and informative even for someone
like me who has been in real estate for a number of years".
-- Marje Marvez, Real Estate Broker

"We really enjoyed the seminar last weekend. The information was something that can used for many years to come.
-- Tanya Cason, Camilla, GA

"This is probably the best "get started" seminar around.  And the best value for the cost. We attended it when we were well beyond beginning, and it served only to remind me of what an excellent starting point, or refresher, or booster, this seminar can be. 

-- Carol Kostic, Winter Haven FL

"I would like to thank you for a very well done seminar. Although I am a beginning investor I have probably been to six or more seminars already and this was the first time I felt I was given some real information instead of paying someone to stand up and sell his wares."
-- Brett Meyer, FL

"Mr. Bronchick, I was in your workshop yesterday and was amazed at how much you can learn in such a short period of time. I really found your seminar chock full of information and I truly believe it was the best money I have invested in a long time."
-- J. Pina, Boca Raton, FL

"Thanks so much for the seminar on Saturday.  It was a very good investment relating to time and money spent"
-- Anthony Graziano, Investor


  By Now You Are Probably Wondering How Much it
Will Cost to Gain Access to this Advanced Information

The cost this event is surprisingly low...

I decided that I wanted to make it as easy as possible for those interested in learning about real estate flipping to attend this seminar. There are less-qualified people charging $1,000 a day or more for similar information (and they are not attorneys and simply send you off with a "go see your attorney" message). In this case, you GET THE ATTORNEY! Normally, I would charge hundreds of dollars for a workshop like this, but I'll make is IRRESISTIBLE...  only $249.00 for the ENTIRE DAY of training!

Register in advance and pay just $149.00!
(Register Now or pay $249.00 per person at the door)

That's right - Register Now and your price for the seminar is only $149.00!
This is a huge value for the information that you’ll receive. 

** $50 Discount for CAREI Members **

Priority Reservation Form

YES! I Want to reserve my seat for the "Flipping Properties Workshop". I want to learn new techniques for making money in real estate and mingle with other successful investors that I can network with and make life-long contacts that will ensure my success!

I understand that I can bring a spouse or partner for HALF price when I register early!

I understand that I have absolutely no risk because my tuition is completely refundable if I attend the event and am not 100% satisfied.

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Bring Your Right-Hand Person for Only $50!

I want everyone in your life to be a part of your success. That's why your tuition for a second person is only $50, less than HALF PRICE. That's right, you can bring your spouse, your mate, your partner, your business associate, your tax advisor or your adult child with you for only $50.00! Don't try to go it alone - bring people who can be a part of your financial success! Go ahead and Register Now.

AND, You'll Love it or You Won't Pay a Dime!

If you are skeptical that's normal. But I don't want you to miss out on this training just because some event you've attended in the past didn't live up to your expectations.

Instead, take advantage of my no-risk MONEY-BACK Guarantee and see for yourself if this program is worth your money! Frankly, I don't want to keep a red-cent of your tuition unless you are absolutely ecstatic about everything you've learned.

Coming From Out of Town?
Take a Ski Vacation and Write it Off!

This event will be held in Denver at the peak of our ski season. Take a long weekend and write it off.  Bring the family and enjoy Colorado's playground, the nine major ski resorts within two hours of Denver.  Remember, your airfare is deductible, even if you stay an extra few days. 

Why not enjoy a nice trip on the Government's tab?  Go ahead, enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

This Event Will Not Be Given Again!

I do this seminar only twice a year, and I won't be doing it again any time soon. So at a risk of sounding overbearing, let me point something out.

Only you know how healthy your financial situation is right now. You can get all the information you need to build a profitable and rewarding business by attending this workshop RISK FREE! Remember, if you don't like it, you don't pay. Period.

And your investment is less than a cost of your "four-bucks" (Starbucks) habit for one month - you know, $4 per day x 30 days!

We both know I'm right. If you don't know enough about how to make money in real estate, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Go ahead and Register Now. Your bank account will be happy you did. Do it now.

Your partner in financial success,

William Bronchick

P.S. - Do something different. Don't do what you've always done - don't bookmark this page thinking you will come back later. I guarantee you won't. Life will get in the way and months or years later you will still be in the same spot you are right now. Or you can take action now. It is now your turn to make the decision to make that step. Go ahead and Register Now.

P.P.S. - Remember - I take all the risk.
Take the workshop and if it doesn't meet YOUR EXPECTATIONS I will give you back your entire registration fee. You will be completely blown away by what you learned or I don't want a cent of your money. That's my personal promise!

P.P.P.S. - If you are a member of CAREI (Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors), you get an additional discount of $50.00! Go ahead and Register Now.

Workshop Location:

Radisson Hotel Denver S.E.
3200 South Parker Road , Aurora, CO 80014
For accommodations, call (888) 201-1718
(average weekend room rate only $69)
Free shuttle from Denver International Airport

Workshop runs approx 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
There will be no refunds for "no shows" or cancellations less than 3 days before the event.
*Professional education and travel associated with this seminar may be a tax deductible
expense – consult your CPA or tax advisor for details.

For comments or questions, e-mail bronchick@legalwiz.com.

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